Achievements and targets - Eastman Exports

Achievements and targets

Higg Achievements

We at Eastman as a member of SAC- Measure, Quantify, Monitor, Implement strategies & reporting Sustainability in environment and social aspects through Higg FEM and FSLM tool respectively thereby driving business through reducing risk and uncovering efficiencies.

Our Score Card here defines our environmental performance (vFEM) of 12 Tier 1 facilities

Higg Baseline and Targets

Baseline and Target has been set by considering our 12 Tier 1 Facilities and 16 Tier 1 & 2 facilities for vFEM and vFSLM respectively.

We are in the process of implementing strategic plans to achieve our Commitments and Target by taking knowledge and guidance from leading service providers/ stake holders like SAC, ZDHC, BHIVE, STS, etc.


vFEM module wise Baseline and Targets for 12 Tie 1 Facilities

Environmental Management System:
We are effectively managing environmental impacts in our entire supply chain by implementing and utilizing Environmental management system (ISO14001) and thereby focusing on improvement targets by setting up goals & objectives and working towards it. We are in a path to reduce our environmental footprint by identifying, prioritizing, and managing environmental risks & opportunities.

Energy & GHG:
Towards our contribution to reduce Green House Gas Emission related to fuel combustion including Purchased Electricity, we have set reduction targets and working on to reduce energy consumption by implementing energy-efficient practices such as switching to LED lighting, optimizing production processes, using renewable raw materials and investing in renewable energy sources. We have already committed to SBTi and progressing towards publishing Emission Targets.

Water and waste water:
As far as water is concerned, our company has set targets and strategies and also implemented a range of measures to reduce ground water consumption by installing water-efficient methodologies and machineries, recycling water wherever possible, and improving water discharge quality by treating wastewater before it is being discharged.

Air Emission:
We are tracking pollutants from point and non-point source emissions and using control devices to improve air emission quality. We have implemented measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from non- combustion sources including less GWP gas utilization in refrigerants. Currently we are in Strategic level and working on to achieve Aspiration level as per higg.

Waste management is a key sustainability activity in the apparel industry and it has significant environmental impact. Our reduction target in waste module has been projected by focusing and implementing waste reduction measures like reducing packaging waste, composting food waste, upcycling textile fabric waste, etc.

Chemical management:
Chemical management is a critical aspect of Eastman Exports' sustainability efforts, we have implemented a Chemical Management System to track and manage the use of chemicals across its operations. Ensuring safer chemistry, we are using the ZDHC Gateway and The Bhive tool for dyeing & printing facilities and we are proud to say that we are using 100% ZDHC compliance product only. As far as Tier 1 (Garmenting) facilities are concerned we are working on improvement targets.